The Ultimate Desert Handbook, A Complete Manual for Desert Hikers, Campers and Travelers

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The Ultimate Desert Handbook by Mark G Johnson

- Water Supplies : Carrying Water; Getting Water from Local Sources; Treating Groundwater; Too Much Water? The Problem of Water Intoxication

- Hiking the Desert : Acclimatization and Day Hiking; Planning Your Hike; Hiking Off-Trail; Rocky Trails and Desert Peaks; Canyons, Washes, Wadis, and Arroyos; Hiking Dune Desert; Quicksand; Lava Flows and Boulder Fields; Dry Lakebeds; Night Hiking; Food and Water Caches; Desert Hiking for Fun

- Equipment : Footgear; Sun Protection, Desert Clothing--and Rain Gear; Backpacks; Tents and Shelters; Sleeping Bags, Pads, and Bedrolls; Backcountry Necessities; Miscellaneous Gear

- The Desert Camp: The Site, the Camp, Food, and Fire

- Navigation : The Importance of Learning to Navigate; Navigation Tools; Map Reading and Methods of Navigation; Distances and the Desert; Reading Sign; Navigating with Few Landmarks; GPS Navigation

- Desert Hazards and First Aid : Biting and Stinging Insects and Arachnids; Falls on Steep Terrain; People; Reptile and Animal Hazards; Weather; First Aid; Treating Injuries

- Surviving in the Desert : Getting Found; Emergency Navigation Tools; Finding Your Location in an Emergency; Getting Water; Food and Survival; Protecting Yourself Against Desert Heat and Cold; Useful Survival Gear; Survival Communications

- Desert Transportation : Animal Transport; Motorized Vehicles

- Mountain Biking the Desert : Choosing the Right Bike; Choosing the Right Tires; Riding Sandy Terrain; Night Riding; Desert Trail Hazards; Water Supplies; Clothing and Sun Protection; Navigation; Emergency Gear

- Wildlife Observation and Desert Photography

- GPS and the UTM Grid Location System and Other Distance Estimation Methods

Beschrijving van de o.a. de volgende woestijnen : Arabian Desert; Atacama Desert; Australian Deserts; Gobi; Iranian Desert; Kalahari Desert; Kara Kum; Kyzyl Kum; Monte and Patagonian Deserts; Namib Desert; Sahara; Takla Makan Desert; Thar Desert; Sonoran Desert; Mojave Desert; Great Basin; Chihuahuan Desert; Plants and Animals of the North American Deserts

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